Franck Bailliet

Web Design

Franck Bailliet was a dramatic artist for Didier-Georges Gabily, a stage director for the Britain National Theater, both his master and spiritual father. After the unfortunate death of Gabily shortly following the start of the rehearsal process, the tour continued for one year in a slow drift, giving way to cabotinage. Disappointed by the isolated world of theatre, Franck founded his own company that focuses on stage directing (Euripide + Seneca + Kane = Phaedra’s Love, workshop at Dijon International University Theater) and pedagogical projects.

Following a technician-training program, Franck Bailliet returned to working in information systems with the development and conception of object-oriented programs like Database and Java. He is currently enrolled in a Master’s program of modern language and is preparing a comparative literature thesis about mysticism in the three monotheist religions and paganism. On top of his studies, Bailliet studies web development in PHP language at OpenClassrooms and works under Open Source Linux Fedora System.

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