Country reports

Kids Empowerment is currently preparing country reports with the help of its worldwide institutional partners and legal experts describing the legal framework affecting migrant children in reception countries with the purpose to identify best practices and areas that need improvement.

We aim, through these studies, to offer technical professional support to public authorities and private organizations that want to improve their practices and their commitment to the full development of children and youth in compliance with international law. Best practices will be highlighted in a comparative analysis that will be distributed to interested parties in technical assistance projects. All reports will be published online as they become available.

The reports follow the frame of a questionnaire prepared by Kids Empowerment. Issues that will be addressed in the report include:

  1. Respect of children’s basic fundamental rights (access to education, health, housing, right to be heard…) without discrimination;
  2. Child access to justice/information;
  3. Whether the child is primarily considered as a child or a migrant;
  4. If there exist special procedures for a child to claim international protection (speedy process…);
  5. Conditions in reception centers: compliance with child protection minimum standards (separated from adults?… detention?);
  6. Principles around family reunification/non-separation;
  7. Age assessment/identification procedure;
  8. Guardianship;
  9. If there exist special measures to project against abuse, violence, exploitation and trafficking;
  10. Deportation/automatic returns;
  11. Whether the best interest of the child is considered throughout the entire process;
  12. If the view of the child taken into account in decisions process;
  13. Does age of the child affect his eligibility to access certain services;
  14. Status of the child when he/she turns 18.

Reports are available in our publications.

Additional reports currently undertaken by our partners include the following countries:

If you are interested in contributing to this project please contact Christophe-Claude Charles-Alfred or Caroline Newman

Legal guardianship project in Europe

Due to the observed lack of training for legal guardians of migrant children in Europe, Kids Empowerment is developing training modules aimed at improving the knowledge and preparedness of guardians. Our team has prepared and finalized modules on the international legal framework affecting the work of legal guardians, human trafficking issues, the best interests of the child, psychology & trauma, and communication & interview techniques. This work on the training of legal guardians has translated into a partnership between Kids Empowerment and the Central European University’s (CEU) School of Public Policy. Within CEU’s Applied Policy Project, students form the university have began working to prepare the country specifics and tool boxes for the training of legal guardians in Finland and the Czech Republic.

Find below the links provided for this program :

Link to the E-learning platform

Link to the Forum


Kids Empowerment is currently developing a mobile application to aid unaccompanied migrant children in navigating administrative & legal requirements for integration in France. According to Eurostat, there are between 8,000 & 10,000 unaccompanied migrant children in France. Upon arrival, one of the biggest problems they encounter is simply not knowing what to do. They come for many reasons: victims of trafficking, sent by their families, seeking a better life, fleeing a situation of violence in their household or their country. Some will benefit from family reunification, others will benefit from state child protection, others will not even be recognized as minors because they will have failed to provide proper identification. The point of the app is to provide these minors with all necessary information about the asylum-seeking process in France or family reunification process in a third European country and how to benefit from child care in France.