About us

Mission, Vision and Values

Kids Empowerment’s mission is to aim at the compliance of states with international law related to children and youth (0-25 year old) and most particularly. The principles of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and its Optional Protocols.

Its objectives are the full realization of the development and potential of children and youth through:

  • Facilitating educational activities amongst children and youth to empower them and assist them in asserting their human rights;
  • Raising awareness in the general population on the rights of children;
  • Developing tools and policies to enable children and youth to thrive in their chosen environment;
  • Carrying out and publishing research and comparative studies; highlighting best practices relating to the treatment of children and youth;
  • Providing technical assistance to relevant stakeholders aimed at improving compliance with international law and best practice;
  • Advocating on issues involving the rights of the child at national and international level.

To carry out its activities, the organization relies on the expertise and knowledge of professionals in the area of child rights – educators, social workers, lawyers, public administration specialists and others.

Its vision is a world where child safeguarding is guaranteed everywhere without any discrimination.
Values that Kids Empowerment consider essential to the implementation of this vision are empowerment, non-discrimination, child safeguarding measures, diversity and the rule of law.

Operational team

Martine Fitan – Accounting –

Nirali Jain – Database –

Anna Kurdova – Project Management – 

Tatiana Lizote – Web Design – 

Fazola Nasretdinova-Bojarski – Fundraising –

Caroline Newman – Research / E-Learning –

Maximilian Newman – Web Maintenance – 

Kieran McTague – Communications/Social Media –

Pauline Vigan – Educational Projects –

Legal experts

Luciana Apicella

Rosa M. Arcuri

Nyea Mary Magdalene Buam

Anisa Mahmoudi

Christophe-Claude Charles-Alfred

Anna Kurdova

Caroline Newman

Camille Oberkampf

Alice Ouaknine

Board members

Christophe-Claude Charles-Alfred – Co-founder and President

Anna Kurdova – Co-founder and Treasurer

Pauline ViganSecretary General