About us

History of the organization

Kids Empowerment was founded in June 2016 by Anna Kurdova, Christophe-Claude Charles-Alfred and Caroline Loussouarn Newman, legal experts who identified major gaps in the protection of migrant children.

NGOs addressing rights of children on the move are faced with unprecedented and increasing numbers of migrant children. As a result, they provide emergency relief or social services and raise awareness about non-compliance of States with their international obligations, but rarely have the adequate resources or time to provide concrete structural solutions based on the actual needs of the youth or successful practices.

In response to the policy limitations and lack of legal coherence within host countries compliant with the rights of migrant children, Kids Empowerment aims to realize the full development and potential of children and youth by full compliance with international law and best practices.

Operational team

Martine Fitan – Accounting –

Giulia Franchi – Accounting – 

Aya Maria Gorayeb – Research –

Nirali Jain – Database –

Anna Kurdova – Project Management – 

Emilie Helstrom – Case Management Support –

Tatiana Lizote – Web Design – 

Fazola Nasretdinova-Bojarski – Fundraising –

Caroline Newman – Programs/Overall Management – 

Maximilian Newman – Web Maintenance – 

Kieran McTague – Communications/Social Media –

Pauline Vigan – Educational Projects –

Legal experts

Luciana Apicella

Rosa M. Arcuri

Nyea Mary Magdalene Buam

Anisa Mahmoudi

Christophe-Claude Charles-Alfred

Anna Kurdova

Caroline Newman

Camille Oberkampf

Alice Ouaknine

Board members

Caroline Newman – Co-founder and Executive President

Christophe-Claude Charles-Alfred – Co-founder and Vice President

Anna Kurdova – Co-founder and Treasurer

Pauline ViganSecretary General