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Global NextGen Index

As a member of the Global Campaign to End Child Detention Kids Empowerment is proud to have been able to contribute with its work to the development of the NextGen Index, a comparative tool that ranks States on their progress in ending child immigration detention.

The tool was launched in August 2013. You can find out more about the tool and the ranking of your country here .

International Refugees Rights Conference

Kids Empowerment will be attending the International Refugee Rights Conference this June from the 7th-9th in Toronto, Canada organized by the Canadian Council for Refugees. Participants of the conference will include NGOs, government officials, academics, refugees and more to discuss new strategies to combat international injustices committed against refugees and immigrants. This year, there is a special focus on the Global South and the Global Compacts on migration and refugees. Some of the objectives of the conference include promoting “cross-border networking”, “enhancing advocacy” and “development” of NGOs, and uplifting and amplifying “the voices of refugees and vulnerable migrants.”

UN Committee on Migrant Workers

In June 2017, Kids Empowerment addressed its recommendations to the UN Committee on Migrant Workers on the Draft Joint General Comment on the Human Rights of Children in the Context of International Migration.

Our recommendations, as well as other organizations’ recommendations, are available for consultation on the UN Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner’s website: