Kids Empowerment’s Publications


Country Reports Regarding the Reception of Children on the Move

Our country reports address the following topics affecting children on the move:

  1. Respect of children’s basic fundamental rights (access to education, health, housing, right to be heard…) without discrimination;
  2. Child access to justice/information;
  3. Whether the child is primarily considered as a child or a migrant;
  4. If there exist special procedures for a child to claim international protection (speedy process…);
  5. Conditions in reception centers: compliance with child protection minimum standards (separated from adults?… detention?);
  6. Principles around family reunification/non-separation;
  7. Age assessment/identification procedure;
  8. Guardianship;
  9. If there exist special measures to project against abuse, violence, exploitation and trafficking;
  10. Deportation/automatic returns;
  11. Whether the best interest of the child is considered throughout the entire process;
  12. If the view of the child taken into account in decisions process;
  13. Does age of the child affect his eligibility to access certain services;
  14. Status of the child when he/she turns 18.